Cast of Characters

This is the general cast of characters (aka our family members) of any given post in our blog.  Not everyone will be written about all the time, but everyone here will be mentioned at least once in a while, and we thought you’d like to know who everyone is.

Shauna’s boys: Andy – age 15, Evan – age 13, and Cory – age 12.
Jarrod’s girls: Autumn – age 12, Zoey – age 14, and Willow – age 10.  Pictured here with Jarrod’s granddaughter, Malia (from an ex-stepdaughter).
Baby boy, due Feb 11, 2019 – name to be announced at birth.
Shauna’s mom, Elaine.
Jarrod’s mom, Connie.
Shauna’s sibling, Sonny.
Jarrod’s brother, Jason – and his husband, Mark.
Jarrod’s sister, Alisha – and her husband, Tim.

And there are a few more not pictured.  All of Jarrod’s ex-stepkids who see him as a dad – Larry, Shanielle, Nytasha, Marissa, Mackenzie, Cameron, and Damien.  Jarrod’s dad, Pete, who is no longer with us.  The man who raised Shauna as his own daughter, Bruce.  And Shauna’s biological father, Vernon, who is also no longer with us.

The story of the family of Jarrod & Shauna Hesse…