HesseLane.life is all about Mr. Jarrod Hesse and Mrs. Shauna Hesse – a 30-something couple who met, fell in love, got married, and began a life together.  Sounds pretty ordinary, right?  Well, they’re here to show you just how ordinary their story is NOT.

IMG_1080They were both married before, and divorced.  Their previous marriages were not with the “right” ones for them, but to look on the bright side, those marriages did give them their amazing children…

Then, one day back in August of 2016, Shauna was selling a van on Facebook, and Jarrod just so happened to be in the market to buy one.  They connected, he went to look at the van, they met, and he bought the van.  And that was it.  They didn’t keep in touch, they didn’t talk again.  Life continued for them both.

Then, in June 2017, Shauna got a job at a pizza place as a delivery driver.  She didn’t know it at the time, but Jarrod was a long-time employee at the same restaurant.  They met again there, and became friends.  Jarrod and Shauna both became quite comfortable with one another, and confided quite a lot in each other about kids, past relationships, and daily struggles and successes.  After a couple of months, feelings grew, and Shauna confessed her feelings to Jarrod.  Jarrod was overjoyed because he had been feeling the same way.  Immediately they began spending as much time as possible together outside of work.

Only TEN DAYS later, Jarrod and Shauna ran off to Colorado on a very spontaneous 2-day trip, and eloped!  They spent their one honeymoon night at a rustic, romantic bed and breakfast where they spent most of the night making promises to one another for their future together.

Once they returned to Iowa as Mr. & Mrs. Hesse, Jarrod moved himself and his 3 daughters into the house where Shauna and her 3 sons already lived, since it was the bigger or their 2 places.  And so it’s been, ever since!

This blog contains many stories they both write about their life together.  Stories about holidays, kids & parenting, travel & vacations, concerts, work, other day-to-day stuff, and so much more!

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Last updated: 3 FEB 2018

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